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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find the answers to the questions I receive the most. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to me through the contact form.

1. Can you give me a quick overview of the process?

Of course!

  1.  You have an amazing, finished quilt top and don’t feel like basting and quilting it yourself….I totally understand - that’s why I am here!

  2.  You complete the “Book a Quilt” form on my website.

  3.  I will contact you to answer any questions you may have and finalize your design.

  4.  You mail your quilt top and backing to me. 

  5.  I confirm receipt of your quilt and give you an estimated timeline.

  6.  I quilt your amazing quilt and send you progress pics.

  7.  I will send you an invoice.

  8.  You pay the invoice.

  9.  I mail your quilt USPS Priority mail and send you the tracking number.

  10.  You receive the quilt and are a PRO at the process and can’t wait to do it again.

2. What must I provide?

Quilt Top: Pressed and trimmed

Backing: Pressed and at least 4” larger per side than quilt top.  Can be larger, but not smaller.

Batting: High quality batting that is at least 3” larger per side than quilt top.  Can be larger, but not smaller. 

3. Can you piece my quilt back?

Yes. Cutting and piecing one seam is $15.00.

4. What type of longarm machine do you use?

I have a Bernina Q24 with Q-Matic Automation.

5. Do you offer custom, free-motion quilting?

Not at this time.

6. What is the largest quilt you can accept?

The maximum width is 120”.

7. Do you trim the quilt or attach binding?

Yes. Trimming a quilt is $10.  Simple binding starts at $0.15 per linear inch and goes up to $0.35 for complete binding services. 

8. Do you have a minimum charge?

The minimum charge is $50.  Any project smaller will round up to $50.

9. What if you don't have the quilt design I want?

Not a problem!  I am happy to split the charge of any design with you (most range between $12-$16).

10. Is batting included in your price?

No, however, I stock Quilters Dream Natural 100% cotton and Natural or White 80/20 Blend sold by the yard.  I am happy to order any Quilters Dream batting for you if you prefer a different fiber option.

11. How much is shipping?

I do accept mail-in quilts. You are responsible for shipping costs to and from me.  I ship all packages USPS Priority Mail flat rate when possible.  Shipping ranges between $16.10 - $21.50 depending on the size of your quilt and includes $50 of insurance and a tracking number. I am happy to add extra insurance when sending your quilt back and you can specify this in the quilt booking form.  Extra insurance ranges from $2.45 - $16.55.

12. How long will it take to quilt my quilt(s)?

My current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. A rush charge is available for $25 upon request and availability.

13. If I am local, can I drop my quilt off?

If you are local to Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, North Carolina you can drop-off / pick-up by appointment only.

14. How do I pay?

Once your quilt is finished and I have verified shipping estimate I will send you an invoice.  You can pay via Venmo, Credit card via Quickbooks Invoicing, Cash or Check.  Once I have received your payment I will ship your quilt!

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