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Edge to Edge Quilting

$.03 per square inch for all designs. 


Example: A quilt top is 60 inches x 60 inches.  60 x 60 = 3600 X .03 = $108

Minimum quilting charge is $50. 


Minimum Charge

I use and stock my favorite Quilters Dream batting in the 80/20 cotton/poly blend and the 100% cotton select. I will order other fiber varieties of Quilters Dream batting like Poly, Bamboo or their Green option (made with recycled plastic) for you if given enough lead time.  


Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price.


I stock batting on a 93” roll.  I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side + 5” margin) and charge per yard.  


Example: 60” x 80” quilt.  I would cut 65” inches of the batting of your choice.  

65 / 36 = 1.80 yards x $14.00 / yard = $25.20 


If any side of your quilt is more than 92” you will need a king size batting which I stock in package sizes listed below. 


Quilters Dream Natural 100% Cotton Select 

Queen (93” wide): $15.00 / yard

King: 122” x 120” - $60.00


Quilters Dream Natural 80|20 Cotton|Poly

Queen (93” wide): $14.00 / yard

King: 122” x 120” - $57.50

Quilters Dream White 80|20 Cotton|Poly

Queen (93” wide): $16.25 / yard

King: 122” x 120” - $68.50





I stock Glide (#40 top thread and #60 bobbin) and some Prema-Soft (#50) threads.  Glide quilts beautifully and offers a nice sheen; if you prefer a more matte look then Prema-Soft is the way to go.  I use Magna Glide Classic #60 in all of my bobbins. 


My personal style is for the thread to pop on the top of the quilt and blend more on the back of the quilt.  But this is YOUR quilt!  Let me know if you have a preference on thread color, or prefer it to blend into your quilt. 

Includes pressing the quilt top and quilt back before loading and trimming all stray threads  


Quilt preparation charge is $25.00.


Quilt Preparation



I can piece your backing for you.  If you have not yet purchased your backing you are welcome to ship it directly to me to save on shipping costs.  


Piecing a backing (cutting and one seam): $15.00


Piecing and ironing a backing (cutting, one seam, ironing): $20.00 

Piecing and ironing a large backing (cutting, 2 seams, ironing):


Ironing 108” backing: $10.00

I can add binding to your quilt for you.  I offer three different types of binding services. Cost is charged per linear inch.

Example: A quilt top is 60 inches x 60 inches. 60+60+60+60 =

240  x .15 = $36


Simple Binding (trim quilt, attach pre-made binding to quilt top only, finish last seam with a mitered seam): $0.15  per linear inch


Partial Binding (trim quilt, press, cut, piece and attach binding to quilt top only, finish last seam with a mitered seam): $0.25 per linear inch 


Complete Binding (trim quilt, press, cut, piece and attach binding to quilt top and finish by machine sewing back down): $0.35 per linear inch




To me

I live in North Carolina, USA, and would be happy to receive your top and backing by mail.  If you happen to be local, you can drop off your quilt(s) in person! I recommend sending your materials enclosed in some kind of plastic sack or bag to protect against possible moisture in transit and then placed in a hard-sided cardboard box.  Make sure the box is securely taped and labeled clearly.


Return Shipping

I will send your quilt back to you in the manner described above via USPS Priority mail (using flat rate when possible / economical).  Priority mail comes with $50 of insurance and a tracking number but please indicate on your intake form if you would like me to buy any additional insurance on your behalf.  It is a great idea to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but I do not require it. Once I have finished quilting, I will obtain a shipping quote, add it to your invoice and once the invoice is paid I will mail your quilt to you.


Other Costs

As mentioned above, batting is not included in the square inch price.  I am required by the State of North Carolina to collect a 7.25% sales tax on the sale of batting and the quilting services portion of an invoice delivered or picked up in Mecklenburg County. All other batting sales and quilting services delivered in North Carolina will pay sales tax based on the county shipped to. Batting, shipping and any design / pantograph fees are not subject to sales tax if outside the state of North Carolina.

Let's Work Together

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